Spectral Resonance

Spectral Resonance embodies an exploration of the clandestine Russian underground music scene during Stalin’s era, when Western music was covertly disseminated on x-ray film, escaping the harsh scrutiny of the authorities. The era’s subversive muses – Elvis, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones – were all immortalised on these easily concealable x-ray films, a potent symbol of freedom amid repression.

Sublime Encounters

Sublime encounters is a compilation of photographs capturing the renaissance of rave culture in the 2010s, fuelled by technological advancements and shifts in the labor market. The images evoke the spirit of a new era, drawing connections to the trailblazing rave scene of the late 20th century, emphasising the cyclical nature of cultural movements.

Sonic Plates

This series features three 12-inch photographic negatives, each engraved with sounds emblematic of UK Jungle, post-dubstep, and acid punk. The technique of cutting sound into negative film is a nod to the pirated USSR X-Rays, resonating musics potential to break through autocratic enforcement and into sub-cultures. The work delves into the subversive essence of these art forms as they challenge traditional boundaries.

On Laughter

On laughter is the result of wanting to incorporate performance as a critical element of image taking. Through a multidisciplinary performance and photographic practice, I performed a series of stand-up comedy routines to capture a unique candid response from the subject.