Sonic Plates

This series features three 12-inch photographic negatives, each engraved with sounds emblematic of UK Jungle, post-dubstep, and acid punk. The technique of cutting sound into negative film is a nod to the pirated USSR X-Rays, resonating musics potential to break through autocratic enforcement and into sub-cultures. The work delves into the subversive essence of these art forms as they challenge traditional boundaries.
Album & Artwork

12" Vinyl & Photographs

Industrialism is the outcome material investigation into analogue relationships between sound and photography. The compilation contains tree tracks covering acidpunk, jungle and post-dubstep explorations into contemporary dance music.

About Sonic Plates (Industrialism)

The limited edition vinyl comes with 3 art prints, consisting of contacting prints from 3 unique versions of the track cut into Ilford ULF 12 inch film. The experimental process derives from the bone record industry from the 20th century countercultural music scene in the USSR.

Each track explores 3 different movements in countercultural music since the mid 20th century. Acidpunk, Jungle & Post-dubstep.

All Da Massive

Not Your Friends